Who we are

Based in London, Joanna is a professional integral corporate coach through USA-based New Ventures West and the University of Cape Town, South Africa’s Graduate School of Business’ Centre for Coaching. She is PCC accredited through the International Coach Federation (ICF) with 2,500 hours of coaching. She coaches individuals and teams in the UK and across Europe.

What we do

Joanna is an accredited corporate leadership coach using the integral coaching methodology. Focused and measurable outcomes are linked to the client’s business objectives and organisational goals; as well as developing Leaders and Managers in the areas of leadership and career development, building teamwork, improving interpersonal and relational skills and expanding individual Way of Being towards sustainable change.

What Clients Say About Us

‘Through your corporate coaching I believe I’ve gained a far greater awareness and understanding of my motives, ways of behaving and goals in life. You have provided me with the toolset to manage these insights; playing to my strengths and managing my weaknesses. All in all my sessions with you have been an eye-opening experience that I believe will make the management of my career and personal life easier and more balanced.’
– JD Group

When I first met Joanna, I intuitively knew that she would be a good coach for me and I am glad to say that I wasn’t wrong. Her style of coaching prompted me to reflect deeply on both my personal and work life. And while coaching is only as effective as you allow it to be, I believe that without her guidance and support, I would not have been able to make the breakthroughs that I have.  I highly recommend Joanna if you are considering development through coaching. Coming from an investment banking background herself, she is very in tune with the challenges facing people who work in highly pressured environments.

Joanna Bown is a highly experienced Certified Integral Coach and a PCC credentialed member with the International Coach Federation (ICF). She brings to her coaching a wealth of experience, rigour and a capacity for deep listening and open, honest communication. I regard her in the highest esteem as an Executive Coach and Group Facilitator.

Business and executive coach and mentor

Working with Joanna as an Executive Coach was a real highlight for me personally the past year.  I immediately felt that there was a trust relationship. Joanna has the ability to quickly and with good understanding analyse the objectives and needs for empowering the Executive. More importantly behaviour and emotions are key aspects that executives often neglect and Joanna makes this part of her process. I have the highest regard and respect for Joanna and her professional approach and can only highly recommend her to any executive.

Manager: Diversified Lending and Leverage

It is the first time in my career I have had the chance to be trained by a personal coach. I have found this experience extremely significant, productive and beneficial to strengthen my leadership skills and awareness of the tools I can use to influence and mentor people, to deliver successful result and to be aware of my needs.

I have found that personal coaching is a powerful way to immediately and directly benefit from Joanna’s expertise in helping senior manager to face challenges and manage changes during a re-organisation process. I truly have a new outlook of my capabilities regarding leadership and emotional intelligence.

Joanna is a very competent and effective coach. She combines knowledge and experience of the business world with compassion and a high degree of professionalism. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Talent Acquisition Recruitment Leader

I first experienced being coached by Joanna when I chose her to be my coach through a corporate sponsored executive coaching program. Through this program she coached me for just over a year. After I left the corporate arena I retained Joanna as my coach for a further year or so. Her extensive experience in business and in coaching senior executives has clearly been embodied in her ability to build a container of mutual trust, credibility and a high level of professional integrity. In my experience Joanna has the gravitas of a masterful coach and as a result she added tremendous value during the time she was my coach – I have no hesitation in recommending Joanna as a business or executive coach.

Before starting my coaching with Joanna, I was anxious and apprehensive about whether there was going to be any merit in coaching. Immediately after meeting Joanna for the first time and particularly after my first session, all my fears and anxiety were removed. I now understand and am thoroughly enjoying the coaching journey. Joanna works to my pace by aligning my thoughts, emotions and gut feel. As a result I feel more “in tune” and am starting to feel more confident. Thank you Joanna

Practical Leadership Skills | Team Coach | Cross Selling | Change Management | Organisational Effectiveness

Her wealth of experience in a high performance corporate culture enables Joanna to work with clients in finding their inner resourcelfulness and resilience. As a skilled, compassionate and challenging coach Joanna is the perfect partner for any one who is on the journey to be the best that they could possibly be.