Executive Leadership Coaching in London

Executive Coaching works best to help individuals and teams to address specific issues and to enhance their performance, it provides professional and personal development appropriate for senior executives with little time for self reflection, and is driven by the needs of the client based on what they want to achieve now and in the future. It is suitable for Board level executives, CEO’s and Senior Managers, and helps them to focus on their business priorities whilst advancing their professional development goals, it is a partnership with an accredited coach for a defined period of time.

Examples include defining a leadership style, decision making, strategic thinking, conflict resolution, defining roles and boundaries, managing belief systems, self awareness and deciding on a future path

Benefits to the Individual:

  • Identifying solutions to specific work related challenges
  • Enhancing performance, impact and influence
  • Increased flexibility in managing change environments, and handling conflict and stress
  • Self awareness and self correction for professional and personal development

Benefits to the Organisation:

  • Retained, engaged talent in business leadership
  • Increased creativity in business and strategic planning
  • Greater commitment from Directors and Senior Managers, with improved management of teams and other staff