What Clients Say About Us

“Joanna’s insights and techniques enabled me to observe my way of operating on a personal and business level and to make profound changes in both areas. Her recommendations were practical, impacted and tailored my coaching needs and business situation. I would recommend her as a coach without reservation”


“Apart from having the technical ability to coach, I found that Joanna’s understanding of the corporate world, enhanced by her own experience over time, adds a richness to the coaching, offering me a holistic, guiding, learning experiencing enabling me to leverage off my existing strengths and build my leadership skill over time”


“I benefited tremendously from Joanna’s experience and insight. She understood my environment, built rapport and I trusted her completely. She provided practical, experience-backed guidance which increased my effectiveness as a leader. Joanna gave me a coaching toolbox to extend into my career through the various leadership and personal challenges I may face”

Ernst & Young

“Joanna moved easily through the core competencies of coaching, raised my awareness and guided my action plans. The continuity of the experiential process between sessions was a great benefit. Joanna uses energy, commitment and drive, together with her proven strengths in coaching; her experience and knowledge of corporate environments; ability to ask the right questions; interpretation; and gives understanding and feedback to provide the necessary guidance. I would highly recommend her and was grateful to have her as my coach”
JD Group

“I found the coaching to be an invaluable experience that contributed to my personal and professional development. The coaching techniques are practical and I’m able to use them in my daily routine. The feedback from my peers and subordinates has been inspirational and is a testament to the changes made in my management style and personal interaction, through coaching”

Ernst & Young

“I had the privilege of working with Joanna. I found the experience profound, personal, life changing and a journey that I am so glad I took. Joanna is extremely perceptive, insightful and has the experience and knowledge of the corporate environment as well as her own experience. She is a skilled and committed coach, who cares. She created the opportunity for me to gain greater self awareness, as only with understanding was I able to make changes. I highly recommend her”

Pharmaceutical industry

Executive coaching is a must for any leader, Joanna is excellent. Her previous experience as a corporate executive is invaluable. I doubt I would have got the promotion I have had it not been for coaching. I have stepped into my new leadership role successfully. For leaders and organisations looking for an executive coach, I  highly recommend Joanna.
JD Group

Working with Joanna was an incredible experience and both my personal and working life have changed profoundly as a result. She is very observant, identified what I needed when I needed it very quickly and guided my learning accordingly. Her techniques are practical and easy to implement. Her holistic approach challenged me to look past the superficial and dig into my core to make lasting changes. I am honored to have shared this part of my journey with her and recommend her as a coach to anyone who is looking to grow .

Small business owner, UK.

The coaching was invaluable & life changing personally & professionally.  Joanna uses tangible, practical techniques that apply to daily life.  I have become self aware and learnt to interact in a calm, consistent way which has made me a more effective leader.  Joanna helped me highlight existing strengths, set boundaries and be assertive.  I highly recommend Joanna as a coach, she is genuine, caring and highly skilled

FirstRand Group