Presenting EMEA client solution at Global Coaching Group Conference

Germany, June 2018


On 12 June 2018, Joanna, as an Associate Partner of Global Coaching Group, Germany presented an EMEA solution to the delegates for an EMEA wide solution that Global Coaching Group is engaged with for an electronics global multinational business headquartered in the UK. The solution involves delivering Team Coaching in Turkey, Czech Republic and other countries, and has been delivered in Turkey to date.

Joanna oversees the client relationship from London. With this model, the client is able to ask coaches in specific countries to visit the local client office and deliver a team coaching solution tailor made to that country’s leadership development requirements, as well as being able to both liaise with, and deliver the program, in the country’s local language. At the end of the program, a measurable results evaluation is completed by program delegates, to gauge both the delivery of the program, as well as measure the impact of the leadership intervention in the months following the program.

For associate partners linked to these kind of programs, there is also a fee split arrangement in place. We hope to be able to roll out this kind of intervention across the required countries, measuring the leadership impact along the way. We are also looking for future opportunities to use this model with other EMEA and global clients in the future.