The Enneagram and Insights into Executive Coaching:

In our current times, leaders face more tests of their capacities and resilience than ever. As business becomes more global, technologies change and the way we work is continually accelerating, there are huge challenges for leaders to manage all the expectations placed upon them. In these VUCA times, leaders need to rise above their ego concerns, create bold visions for results and mobilise their people to take action on increasingly ambitious agendas.

The Enneagram assessment tool, combined with Executive Coaching, helps hugely here. By addressing a leader’s shadow or blind spots, they can develop the leadership skills required in both their professional and personal lives. Leaders are becoming more aware of how ‘know thyself’ is becoming increasingly important in creating positive outcomes at work, creating a more Conscious Leadership approach. Conscious Leadership is about creating leaders who are self aware and conscious enough to understand how to meet the enormous challenges and overcome blocks, especially the human ones, in developing their self awareness and finding innovative solutions to bigger business problems.

The Enneagram, and Executive Coaching, act as tools for leaders to create a mindful awareness about their pre existing patterns and habits, defining interconnected personality patterns through thought, emotion and behaviour. It zeroes in on the most important aspect of how to approach and shift people problems, by providing detailed descriptions of nine readily recognised personality styles; decoding why people do what they do, and how to shift these behaviour patterns. This is done by addressing all nine of the Body, Head and Heart personality styles of the Enneagram through executive coaching.

Through coaching and an Enneagram assessment, leaders are able to obtain accurate information about what they are doing and why, so as to understand, accept, and then work to change these behaviour traits, by letting go of any ‘limiting shell’ and growing towards a fuller potential, realising we as leaders are far more than our personality.

The Enneagram assessment focusses on personality, character and ego structures, as well as addressing our view on spirituality and leadership growth from all of these areas. Focussing on the leader’s Enneagram type, as well as the arrows and wings that affect his type, the coach is able to design and implement a deeper, effective coaching program. By using the Enneagram in business leadership coaching and CEO coaching, the coach is able to assess the coaching outcomes and do a deep dive into the underlying behaviour patterns of a leader, and how to quickly and effectively engage in coaching self observations and practices to shift these over a period of time.

Gaining a sense of clarity by looking thru the lens on an Enneagram assessment can really deepen  the insights, self awareness and change a leader can make, both to his organisation and to himself.

Joanna Bown, June 2019