A Case Study – Executive Leadership Coaching in the Corporate Workplace

In current times, we are navigating our way through an extended period of great change and uncertainty. More and more companies and individual leaders are turning to corporate leadership coaching, which can reap hugely positive results for organisations. This coaching works best to help individuals and teams, specifically board level executives, CEO’s and senior managers, address specific issues, helping them to focus on their business priorities whilst also advancing their professional development goals. Coaching can provide a clear reality check, revealing behavioural blind spots and developing real self-awareness around leadership behaviours.

A CEO coaching client case study from Joanna Bown:

I recently coached a London based CEO around developing her leadership behaviours. We worked on developing solid teamwork amongst her executives and meeting the moment of change in the economy, as covid-19 approached. We also looked at growing her inner self confidence, such that she could meet the emergent space organisationally, financially, socially, and spiritually, with increased agility and flexibility.

Over a period of 8 months, I helped her to identify and negate blind spots in her leadership approach, specifically expanding her self-awareness, both professionally and personally. We focused on developing her team, leading through a transitional business space to accelerate business growth; and I helped her develop leadership confidence and leadership resilience. We developed a confidential sparring space where the client felt able to share, shift perspectives, and change perceptions across various situations, as necessary for her expanding business across both the social and corporate sectors.

The client’s ability to access her emotional intelligence, to become vulnerable and open to new learning, gain clarity around her Purpose and business goals, and to shift behaviour using integral coaching practices and self-observations across the areas of language, body and emotion for sustainable behaviour change, was key. This portrayed a successful leadership coaching intervention whereby the client is now able to self-observe and self-correct leadership behaviours on a sustainable basis.

Over and above leadership behaviour development at a CEO level, it was the client’s ability to access the deeper emotional and spiritual facets; as well as gaining clarity on the systemic approach to her business; that allowed for a holistic sustainable approach to behaviour change. This has resulted in fundamental shifts in her leadership approach, with the senior leadership team, with their clients,  and in their business strategy. Her approach to business today is meeting the current emergent times we find ourselves in. Her willingness to show up as a learner at a C-suite level, has been fundamental to her success in the CEO coaching process.

To learn more about exploring a leadership coaching journey with Joanna please don’t hesitate to contact her at: joanna@distinctionscoaching.com