What is Integral Coaching?

Integral coaching is an ongoing, evolving methodology – intended to be the most comprehensive response to life. The approach attends to the individuality of the person, as well as the social context in which the person is always embedded. The coach is there to help the client uncover their own possibilities and find solutions by expanding the lens through which they see their own situation.

The integral coaching methodology

The integral coaching model is all about human development. It is based on shifting a client’s structure of interpretation via self-observations and practices, across the areas of language, body and emotion (EQ.) Instead of asking “what do you want?”, the question asked is, “why do you want what you want?” The answer points to what has meaning for a person and how they can then transform purposefully.

Integral coaching has been designed to enable clients to become more aware of their current approach to situations and thus develop new ways of doing things to achieve the things that matter to them. It guides the client through change and helps them build the skills to effectively integrate the change into both their professional and personal life.

We all have limited belief systems, habits, and blind spots. We also don’t always know what’s good for us or what will work for us. Instead of doing more of the same as we always have done, we need to shift our focus to what has meaning for us. The integral coaching method therefore changes the client’s relationship with themselves and the world.

Why you should work with an integral coach

Integral coaches look for long-term sustained excellence rather than just focusing on short-term goals. The coach is there to help the client expand upon their current views on a particular subject, and to develop the skills to live with broader views of that subject in both their personal and professional life.

The challenge is for the client to expand their awareness beyond the myopic way they might normally have approached something – because it’s “the way they know” or because it’s the usual way of doing things. Instead, they should try to view situations with ‘fresh eyes’ and from multiple perspectives. This will allow them to develop a long-lasting mindset change and embody a completely new way of thinking and being.

Working with an integral coach will therefore bring increased confidence and personal credibility, behavioural flexibility, better relationships, and enhanced performance and engagement at work and in life as a whole.

How can integral coaching make a difference in the corporate world?

An integral coach is there to help clients reach their full potential and navigate through the complexities of corporate life. Coaching is tailored to each individual’s need and the ‘in-the-moment’ challenges, transforming clients into who they want to be and how they want to behave as leaders. Most importantly, using integral methods can help the client find balance between their professional and personal life. After all, success in both can be intrinsically linked!

Integral coaching with Distinctions Executive Coaching

Here at Distinctions Executive coaching, we use Integral Coaching as our core methodology. Everything about the client and the client’s world is explored within the coaching, making it a well-rounded approach. Joanna’s main motivation is to help clients identify real meaning and purpose in their roles, especially given the speed and pressures of their external working environments.

To do this, Joanna uses integral coaching techniques that enable the client to develop a greater understanding of their patterns, unearth latent potential, and to learn how to use that potential to achieve their desired goals. Ultimately, the aim is to train clients to self-observe and self-correct, and therefore self-generate. Once a client becomes self-correcting, they are no longer dependent upon a coach.

To begin your integral coaching journey, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Joanna for further information: joanna@distinctionscoaching.com