What Clients Say About Us

“Joanna is a very perceptive coach that works with the pace you as a client are comfortable with. I truly recommend working with her, helping to unlock your inner potential. She makes even the hardest developments seem achievable and shares the real her, which makes it easy to share your real self.”

VP, Global Bid Governance, Global Transportation company

“I found Joanna’s coaching to be tremendously valuable in my client work, my collaboration with colleagues and my life. She had good empathy and understanding of me as a person and challenged me just enough to make some positive changes that have made a real difference to my professional life. She has a good balance between the softer people skills and commercial understanding which was just what I needed.”

European Practice Leader, Global IT company

“I benefited tremendously from Joanna’s experience and insight. She understood my environment, built rapport and I trusted her completely. She provided practical, experience-backed guidance which increased my effectiveness as a leader. Joanna gave me a coaching toolbox to extend into my career through the various leadership and personal challenges I may face”

Ernst & Young

“I consider myself very fortunate to have embarked on a coaching journey with Joanna Bown. Joanna provided support in areas and at times when needed, but challenged me suitably as well. Through her personable and personal approach, we quickly established a very trusting and open coaching relationship which meant our journey progressed efficiently and effectively, allowing my professional leadership development to evolve in a significant and lasting way. Thanks to Joanna for her support and I would highly recommend Joanna for anyone in need of an holistic executive coach.”
Vice President, Global Oil & Gas industry

“I found the coaching to be an invaluable experience that contributed to my personal and professional development. The coaching techniques are practical and I’m able to use them in my daily routine. The feedback from my peers and subordinates has been inspirational and is a testament to the changes made in my management style and personal interaction, through coaching.”

Ernst & Young

“Joanna, as my executive coach, has been a valued partner to me. I’ve appreciated her professionalism, perceptive insights and above all, her warm and approachable personality. Owing to her coaching, I’m convinced I’m being further equipped to meet both my personal and professional life goals.”

Senior Director, Marketing, Global Retail Sports brand

Joanna is an insightful and inspirational coach who combines a deeply perceptive understanding of human behavior and interpersonal relations, with solid and practical experience of how institutions and businesses operate. She is not afraid to challenge perceptions, or to ask the challenging questions that are needed to pave the way for transformational change. Her warm and open manner creates a safe space for exploring and practicing behavioral change. Highly recommended as a coach

Head, Climate Resilience Investments, International Bank

“Working with Joanna was an incredible experience and both my personal and working life have changed profoundly as a result. She is very observant, identified what I needed when I needed it very quickly and guided my learning accordingly. Her techniques are practical and easy to implement. Her holistic approach challenged me to look past the superficial and dig into my core to make lasting changes. I am honored to have shared this part of my journey with her and recommend her as a coach to anyone who is looking to grow.”

Small business owner, UK.

“Joanna coached me for 6 sessions which included a 360 feedback from my colleagues followed by some personality testing and then some targeted coaching sessions. The process overall was far more insightful and transformational than I ever could have imagined. It helped me to identify and be mindful of personality traits of which I had not even been aware. And Joanna’s careful, supportive and highly professional approach helped me to work through behavior change at quite a deep level. I am certain I will be a more self aware and rounded leader as a result of working with Joanna. Highly recommended.”

Digital Governance Director, Global Oil & Gas company